Unlocking The Genetic Secrets Of Hairy Monsters

  • Medical insurers propose a new health care plan: they will not turn anyone down for coverage, as long as everybody is required to have it. Thorny questions linger regarding affordability and enforcement of a mandate, and Barack Obama has no comment on the industry proposal. [New York Times]
  • The Wall Street Journal has a comment on Max Baucus' healthcare proposal -- one that "closely resembles the one Mr. Obama campaigned on": Sucky sucky. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The genome for the woolly mammoth has been sequenced, so scientists can finally figure out how to use Robin Williams' stem cells to cure Parkinson's. [Information Week]
  • Poland still wants their missile-defense system, but they aren't going to nag Barack Obama about it. [Washington Post]
  • The liberal Democrat Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against global warming at a meeting of US governors and their overseas counterparts. [Reuters]
  • Unemployment claims are the highest they've been in 16 years -- 25 if you consider the rolling 4-week average. Prosperity! [MarketWatch]

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