Unrehearsed Plays and Underage Stars Make For a Fine Theater Weekend


  • Tonight, Friday, September 4:Ferris Bueller's Day Off is helping us bid adieu to watching movies outside during the summer. The late John Hughes directed this tale of some rich kids in Chicago or somewhere, and how they have sex with Sarah Jessica Parker, in space. It's the final film being screened as part of Rosslyn's I Love the '80s Film Festival. Enjoy a final evening under the stars, but take heart in knowing that 1) 1980s film festivals are overrated anyway and 2) DC has plenty of great indoor spots where you can catch a free movie. [I Love the 80s Film Festival]
  • Saturday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7: A play is at its best when it's not perfected at all, or so is the theory behind the Kennedy Center's 5th annual free "Page to Stage" event. It's three days of open rehearsals of plays and musicals currently being developed by local theater companies. [Page to Stage]
  • Saturday, September 5 through Sunday, September 27: Theater J, notorious for its ability to put a little bit of Jew in every play it features, is hosting the one man play, Zero Hour, about the crazy, strange, incredibly talented man that was Zero Mostel. [Theater J]
  • Opening Wednesday, September 9: Moonlight, a fantastically uplifting tale about estrangement, mortality, ghosts and death, opens next Wednesday at the Studio Theater. Why wouldn't you want to see it? It's a "heartbreakingly relevant tale of startling proportions." Sounds like fun? [Moonlight]
  • Don't Forget: Zach Efron lovers everywhere, be aware that Disney's High School Musical is at the Wolf Trap tonight through Sunday. Also, the Shakespeare Free for All continues to be awesome and to offer free Shakespeare to DCers -- just show up at least three hours early if you actually want to get a ticket.

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