Unwanted Pregnancy is the New Abortion

AP04012904936.jpgThe Holocaust of the Unborn has reached its lowest levels since 1974, the first full year after the Supreme Court sanctioned the mass killing of the innocent with Roe v. Wade. While fetus lovers everywhere celebrate, you might wonder whether the reason for the drop is that America has improved sex education in its schools or made low-cost contraceptives widely available to those who can't afford them? Ha ha ha, get serious.

Another hopeful suggestion for the drop in the national abortion rate might be that fewer people turn to the vacuum tube now that Plan B is available over the counter. While, yes, we certainly do make rather wide use of that morning-after assurance, in reality, the drop in abortions "paralleled" Congress and various state legislatures making it as difficult as possible for ladies to terminate a pregnancy.

That trend began in 1981, the year religious fundamentalist Jimmy Carter started his famous second term in the White House, boldly empowering the religious right. With the low abortion rate comes a rise in -- SHOCK! -- the teen birth rate, for the first time since 1993. That's right, more babies having babies, just like God intended.

Abortions at 30-year low [Chicago Tribune]


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