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backfence.jpg Thanks to FishbowlDC, we in the Gawker Aquarium emitted little gasp bubbles this morning to learn that Backfence.com, a service operating "community-focused Web sites," has just received a $3 million cash infusion from tech backers SAS Investors and Omidyar Network. The site, which launched this spring, has already given gossip-mongers, horny housewives, and perverts in Reston, McLean and Bethesda even more reasons to go on living. Craigslist gets a snugglier block radius:

"With Backfence, everyday people can report on what's happening within their own communities and connect with others who care about the same issues," said Omidyar Network VP Doug Solomon. "Backfence's citizen-driven model brings people together in a way that's meaningful and empowering to the participants and to the businesses that support them."

"Hyperlocal journalism." It's not just for Judy Miller's inter-cell newsletter anymore.

Hyperlocal Site Wins $3M in Funding [FishBowlDC]

Learn More [Backfence.com]


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