Update: Journalists Still Unstylish, Also Fairly Catty About It

reporter.jpgMystery solved! An operative embedded deep within the media establishment reports:

Reporter who went all stripey to the Senate last week?
That was Reuter's energy reporter and it was at the Judiciary Committee hearings on oil company mergers and higher prices.

Kind of jumped out at me too, right before I almost started a fistfight with some Fox TV technician who was taking up two spaces at the reporters table. Not to be a snob, but when did tech eating a donut and reading the NYT's become reporter with a job to do. After a few sharp words, I stood in front of him. That'll show him who his daddy is. Later, his TV star showed up and took lots of notes and left. Tall lady with blonde hair (that narrows it down to about a gazillion at Fox). I didn't threaten her.

But the Reuters guy --- he'll make his Mom proud on C-Span. I think his first name is Tom.

In order to preserve some vestige of "the Reuters guy's" privacy, we won't take the two minutes necessary to google him. You can figure it out.

Based on the "cantankerous old newsman" tone of our tipsters email, though, we can't help but imagine that he was probably dressed in an ill-fitting plaid blazer with no tie, chomping a cigar, and holding a lowball of scotch the whole time, which doesn't give him much of a leg to stand on.

(As for the pseudonymous author of the story, we've received one vote for Betsy "50 Most Beautiful People" Rothstein. We'd thought of her earlier, but thought linking her to the piece without someone to back us up would open us up to defamation of character charges.)

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