UPDATE: Merry Christmas From George And Laura

Those White House Christmas parties must be wilder than we thought! Barbara Bush banged her head on the floor during one on Saturday night:

Guests are saying that the more serious of President Bush's twins was dancing with a friend when he dipped her down low - very low - and she slipped, hitting her head on the highly waxed marble floor.
Boys and girls dancing together? John Ashcroft has definitely left the administration.

But seriously, this raises an alarming prospect. Yesterday's New York Times reported that there would be two parties for the press during the holiday season, with 600 ink-stained wretches showing up at each one. 1,200 Washington journalists, all in one place? Please, Mr. President. For the love of all that is holy. DON'T LET THEM DANCE!

Rush & Molloy [New York Daily News]

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Alert The Pastry Chefs: 6,500 Guests Are Coming [New York Times]


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