UPDATE: Sad Nitwit Rick Perry Also Tricked By Occupy Toronto Parody


Oh for god's sake. The fictional Occupy Toronto protester quote we posted about this morning also got snared in Rick Perry's crippled reality-detection filter via some huffy wingnut spam his son forwarded him, so here Perry is righteously sermonizing about the terrible tale of sloth-monster protester "Jeremy, 38 years old" before concluding with a snicker, "I guess greed just makes you work hard." Which is, what, the moral of the story for why Rick Perry is running for President?

Perry notes with a novel verb configuration that he is not sure if the quote can be "proved up," but hey, can anyone prove up what's in the Bible? God's ancient wingnut scribes were not exactly into facts, either. They preferred magic, like Rick Perry. And they are such good yarns! That is the important point. [Crooks and Liars]


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