Update: Strom Thurmond's Love Child

The Washington Times's "Inside the Beltway" does its best to shore up the reputation of Strom Thurmond, pointing out that -- contrary to most reports -- the senator did publicly acknowledge his mixed-race daughter. In theory, would have make him seem like a true Southern gentleman. In practice, it makes him seem like Beavis and Butthead's hick cousin. Black conservative commentator Amstrong Williams recounts:

"Senator Thurmond leaned over and said, 'You know, I have deep roots in the black community ... deep roots.'
"His voice softened into a raspy whisper, 'You've heard the rumors.'
"'Are they just rumors, Senator?' I asked.
"'I've had a fulfilling life,' cackled Thurmond, winking salaciously."

To make his point even more clear, he then smacked his lips, nudged Williams with his elbow and issued a series of high-pitched "woo woos."

Strom's Warning [Wash Times]


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