Update: Yes, Gawker Probably Let All Your Passwords Escape


Jesus christ, so we just went through this website thing by Duo Security. Luckily, our very old Gawker comment passwords have not been used in many years and we at least had enough sense to make special retarded passwords for blog idiocy, but they're ALL in there. This is kind of funny, in a double-retarded way, when we remember how it was IMPOSSIBLE to get any account names/passwords out of Gawker when we acquired Wonkette some three years ago. Ha ha, gah.

ANYWAY, please check this, and then go spend nine hours changing usernames and passwords for all kinds of sites you barely remember ever visiting. HATE THE INTERNET KILL IT KILL IT good christ, has there ever been a bigger advertisement for just throwing all this shit in the recycle bin (the real one, not the one on your "desktop") and shooting your neighbors?


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