Uppity Dems Demand More People Be Brought In to Yell At Gonzales

Now the Senate wants to go after Gonzo! While the House is trying to find him in Contempt of Congress, Senators are asking the Solicitor General to appoint an independent counsel to figure out if Al perjured himself when he lied, repeatedly, under oath. They're asking the Solicitor General because all Justice Department officials have recused themselves.

The Senators demanding this escalation of this regrettably kinda boring constitutional crisis are Schumer, Feinstein, Feingold, and Whitehouse, which has made for at least one initially confusing/hilarious headline.

But while Pat Leahy's getting all subpoena-happy with Karl Rove, he didn't sign this little petition. Instead he sent a letter to Gonzales inviting the lyingest man in the administration to come back and change his testimony to cleanse it of the most obvious lies (you can do that?).

Anyway, sure, hiring a special counsel is a great idea, why not. Because only a dedicated investigator can determine whether or not that documented lie he told was a lie, or something.

Counsel Sought to Investigate Attorney General's Testimony [NYT]


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