Urgent: Do Not Sleep With Anyone In the Department of Labor

We get letters...

Subject: I had sex with the #1 analyst that works directly under Elaine Chow
From: [Redacted]
To: Wonkette

It is amazing how an IT guy like me can work his way up into the panties of some of the most powerful people in govt.

We had sex about once a week and when I left working there I found out she only likes having sex with people who work there as well so she can keep tabs on me.

Yep thats right so after I left DOL.gov................ no more sex from her. Eliane Chows #1 analyst is also chinese.

Her analyst also gave me hpv which I found out 3 months later.

Ok, we might believe this if it weren't for the fact that no one ever sleeps with IT guys.


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