U.S. Gets Around To Imposing New Sanctions Against North Korea


Oh, you fit right in.Hillary Clinton visited the DMZ today to point and say, "That thing over there? That thing is going to pay for what it is doing." The hot new 2010 edition of U.S. sanctions against North Korea were announced and took a turn on the runway. What's in fashion this year? "She said the measures would target Pyongyang's sale and purchase of arms and import of luxury goods, and would help prevent nuclear proliferation." Good idea, but this will of course somehow just result in more poor people starving.

The sanctions are in response to North Korea sinking a South Korean warship in March. Yes, March. Hillary Clinton did not have a craving for kimchi until today, ALRIGHT?

The BBC's John Sudworth in Seoul says few details were given about how the sanctions would work, but that they were clearly intended as punishment for the alleged attack on the ship.

Look, how quaint! They have a reporter in a foreign bureau. Yeah, it is not clear how this will work, as it's not exactly like the U.S. was selling arms to North Korea. But isn't it the thought, the strong words that count when you are dealing with despots? No? Okay.

But our correspondent says Pyongyang is unlikely to heed the warnings from Washington - it has already dismissed upcoming US-South Korean naval exercises as "dangerous sabre-rattling".

Haha, "sabre."

And then China was like, "Stop egging them on, you guys. You shouldn't mess with the crazies. They will fight back like a crazies do. Just let them be crazy in their own little country."

And then the world exploded and Hillary was annoyed. [BBC]


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