U.S. (Kenya) Supreme Court Refuses Orly Taitz's Appeal

America's top J.D.-D.D.S. Orly Taitz has somehowlost her chance to appeal the $20,000 fine levied on her by a federal judge in October for filing "frivolous" litigation that the LSM doesn't want you to know about. Apparently the Supreme Court does not want to tear this woman apart, in what would be the most entertaining trial ever. Who's at fault? YOU GUESSED IT, Samuel Alito, who hates fun and denied the request. But Orly's fight is not over. She is now appealing the decision to "an international court of Human Rights."

In parallel with the certiorari I will be filing an appeal in an international court of Human Rights. The world needs to know about the fact that United States has an illegitimate usurper sitting in the White House without a Social Security number of his own and without a long form birth certificate. The world needs to know that our judicial system beacame a sham, when the most important issue of legitimacy of the US president was never heard on the merits., where brave members of the US military Like Major Stefan Cook or Lt. Col Lakin are persecuted and where attorneys like me a persecuted. It was important for the world to know about the human rights violations in Stalinist Russia, in Iraq, in Iran. It is important for the world to know about the Human Rights violations in the United States during the illegitimate regime of the Kenyan born communist dictator Barack Hussein Obama aka barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack (Barry) Soebarkach . How could those judges decide that questioning this usurper is frivolous if they don’t even know Obama’s legal last name and if they have in front of them a testimony of the senior deportation officer of the Department of the Homeland Security, stating that the Social Security number that he is using 042-68-4425, was issued to another individual in CT?

She had mentioned trying this before, but doesn't Orly know by now that international courts are UnAmerican™? International courts want to prosecute us for believing in God and killing brown people in wars. Don't do it, Orly! It's a trap! International courts love poor/brown people!

YES, it is a God-given human right that we should never have to live under a president who is black. So the only higher power you can appeal this decision to, Orly, is God himself. How could He let this happen to us? [AP/Orly Taitz]


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