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Has this EVER happened?

We’re on the two-yard line. We could literally fall into the end zone. We’re that close to total victory, to wiping out the ISIS caliphate in Syria,” one U.S. special forces commander told NBC News. “We’re that close and now it’s coming apart.” [...]

The hours of interviews revealed a profound sense of frustration, bordering on anger. NBC News agreed not to reveal the officials’ identities because they were not authorized to discuss U.S. policy in Syria publicly. [...]

"We send memos. We tell them [the White House] what is going on. I’m not sure they’re listening, or if they even know what we’re doing out here," another commander said. "I don’t think anyone is home right now."

For real, has this EVER happened? We just asked our veteran brother, and he said "fuck no," and any other veterans and/or students of military history are free to pipe in and tell us we are a Dumb Dingleshit from Dingleshit-i-stan, but have military commanders ever openly told journalists that hey, know what would be cool? If the White House got its shit together! That would be just SWELL!

We know, Trump thinks he knows more than the generals, but it sounds to us like the generals ain't too pleased.

What's even more remarkable about this is that the military has such a Can Do attitude toward The Mission, whatever The Mission happens to be. It's not new for commanders to argue with US officials, even publicly, about "hey some more armor would be nice" vs. "My name is Donald Rumsfeld and if I give you armor, next thing you'll all be asking for BEJEWELED PONIES, like PFFFFFFFT." (Adding: And YES, throughout US history, there are a lot of examples of the Pentagon saying "If you could just give us a little bit MORE MORE MORE, then we'd win! We see you commenters pointing that out. Pentagon's gonna Pentagon!) But this specific thing?

We have the commanders on the ground saying, actually, we are REALLY CLOSE to winning this thing against ISIS. Unfortunately, we can't seem to get there because THAT FUCKHEAD a solid minority of Americans elected is asleep at the wheel.

Of course, everything is fine and Trump Tower the war against ISIS will be finished ahead of schedule, according to President Bone Spurs, who said Thursday that American troops are "coming out of Syria, like, very soon." And as NBC's Richard Engel reports, 10 weeks ago, that might have been true, except for how Turkey started attacking Kurds in Syria recently -- Kurds: helping us fight ISIS! Turkey: dictatorship that is technically our ally but really is mostly a piece of shit these days; also Trump loves Turkey's leader! -- which forced the Kurds to pull back on helping us finish the fight against ISIS and defend themselves against Turkey. And are we helping them do that? Nah! Washington hasn't given the orders!

"We have been abandoned and betrayed. We were useful to fight against ISIS, but the Americans are now turning their backs on us," said Mohammed Mustafa Ali, a commander of the Kurdish-led force in Manbij.

Well this is just great.

Look, Middle Eastern foreign policy is fucking complicated and we are not about to pretend we are A Expert. But when you've got the commanders on the ground telling Richard Engel they might be able to finish this war if Trump didn't have both thumbs up his ass while he Skypes with Roseanne Barr, that's SOMETHING.

At the end of this post, can we just give a pat on the ass and say "Good game!" to NBC News for absolutely KILLING IT the past couple days? On top of this scoop, the network also broke the story of Donald Trump telling his aides not to say mean things in public, because he doesn't want to ruffle Vladimir Putin's feathers, AND the chilling story that Christopher Steele, who uncovered the Trump-Russia conspiracy to steal the election, is literally on Putin's kill list, according to a former Russian double agent Richard Engel interviewed, who says he's also on that list.

NBC News, go fix yourself a drink and have a HOLIDAY WEEKEND. You have earned it! We are fixin' to do the same!

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