U.S. Mint Predicts Taft Fever!

hardingcoin.jpgWhile we have always wanted a Gerald Ford commemorative coin, we find the Mint's new plan to take the only circulating US currency with women on it and supplement it with the dudes who are on all the other money a little bit idiotic. But whatever, Sacagawea never annexed half of Mexico, so fuck her.

The director of the Mint, Edmund C. Moy, said the number of each presidential dollar coin issued would depend on circulation demands forecast by the Federal Reserve, regardless of how well known a president was. "This could be a renaissance for some of our lesser-known presidents," Mr. Moy said in an interview.

Because who can forget the Susan B. Anthony Mania of 1979? Millard Fillmore, come 2010, you will no longer be remembered merely as a particularly shrill and unfunny duck.

Every President to Have His Day on Dollar Coins [NYT]


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