U.S. Nazi Trust-Fund Millionaire Was Building Dirty Radioactive Anti-Obama Bomb, But His Wife Shot Him Dead, First


Whoa hey how'd the Entire News Media missthis one? Especially considering the main things we all jabber about, these days, are stock prices and whatever Jon Stewart said about Jim Cramer .... Anyway, get out your duct tape because a certified American Nazi was building a "dirty bomb" which he apparently planned to explode at Obama's Inauguration. All the radioactive and bomb-making shit was in his house -- you know, the one with the Nazi Flag, in Maine -- and his plans were moving along just fine until his wife shot the motherfucker dead, the end?

According to the Bangor Daily News, the only newspaper that seems to know anything about this weird case, James G. Cummings was shot dead by his wife Amber on December 9.

But the fun stuff comes from the Washington DC Regional Threat and Analysis Center, which put together a report regarding terror threats at the Inauguration. This January 16 analysis was leaked to WikiLeaks, which is this fantastic newish database of terrifying and weird official secret documents leaked by myriad Robin Hoods around the world. And you can read what happened afterward, which is basically nothing. A freakin' 29-year-old millionaire trust-fund Nazi was building a dirty bomb to blow up the liberals and blacks at Obama's inauguration, and nobody's reporting it!

(Except blogs and Huffington Post or whatever.)

Anyway, thanks Amber, for shooting that sonofabitch. She's claiming "mental disease," which is apparently a defense in Maine, because this charming psychopath, James G. Cummings, not only hated the blacks and the liberals and whatever, but he also subjected his wife to "years of mental, physical and sexual abuse." They have a nine-year-old daughter, too! Funsy.

The Dirty Bomb That Disappeared [WikiLeaks]


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