US Nearly Finished Building Thunderdome

You call that a spy base?Blowhard Australian Prime Minister John Howard better watch out who he insults. There's a super-secret new spy base currently under construction on the blighted western edge of the so-called "land down under." The base will coordinate communications with spy satellites and such, and will make it "almost impossible for Australia to be fully neutral or stand back from any war in which the US was involved," according to Philip Dorlin, a visiting fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

What should be more worrisome for the Aussies, though, is that when Barry Hussein Obama becomes president, John Howard will be extraordinarily rendited there and made to pay for his mouthiness. Alternately, it could serve as a nice villa for the Bush family if the Paraguay ranch thing doesn't work out.

Secret new US spy base to get green light [Sydney Morning Herald]


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