Class War

No Tax-*Rate* Increases On Billionaires, Kyrsten Sinema? Liz Warren Has A Whole New Tax For That!

We love the smell of class war in the morning!

Watch out, bloated plutocrats: Senate Democrats are coming for you. To help pay for the Build Back Better Act, Democrats rolled out two plans that would go after vast wealth that corporations and billionaires try to hide away from ever being taxed; each of the new plans is expected to bring in hundreds of billions of dollars over 10 years.

The first plan, to impose a 15 percent minimum tax on corporate profits over a billion dollars, was introduced by Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Angus King of Maine; it has the support of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who has blocked other tax increases that were originally proposed as part of Build Back Better. So that's going to be helpful in moving it along should no other "centrist" Dem decide "nah."

The second plan, from Warren and Wyden, would go after the very richest Americans' "unrealized gains" on assets every year, instead of only collecting capital gains taxes when those assets are sold; it's one of the ways the very wealthy get richer without paying income taxes. (They never sell. They borrow their fuck-you money against their stocks as collateral.)

Both plans, in addition to helping to fund Build Back Better, have some real class war appeal, since they address the tax loopholes that widen the gap between the filthy rich and ordinary American taxpayers. As Wyden said in a statement on the proposed billionaire tax,

There are two tax codes in America. [...] The first is mandatory for workers who pay taxes out of every pay check. The second is voluntary for billionaires who defer paying taxes for years, if not indefinitely.
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LIVE: Merrick Garland In The Senate!

Lock somebody up.

Here's another hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland in Congress, this time in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Maybe they can get him to lock some MAGA January 6 idiots up or indict Donald Trump. Oh, there's some new John Eastman evidence he could look at maybe! Dunno, just lock somebody up.

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National Politics

John Eastman, Coup-Plotting Lunatic, Almost Time For Your Subpoena!

Come for the headline, stay for the hidden camera action.

You write one measly coup memo detailing how an absolute fucking loser can steal an election he didn't win (because America loathes him and didn't vote for him), you get a subpoena from Congress? Unfair!

But that's reportedly about to happen for John Eastman, coup-plotting galaxy brain.

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol is expected to subpoena John Eastman, the pro-Trump legal scholar who outlined scenarios for denying Joe Biden the presidency, according to the panel's chairman.

"It will happen," Chair Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) said in an interview Tuesday of a subpoena for Eastman, who played a key role in the legal operation that was run out of a "command center" at the Willard Hotel in Washington in the days and hours leading up to Jan. 6. Thompson did not provide a timeline for when the subpoena will be issued.

The Washington Post reports that they are at the "documents and communications" stage with Eastman, and also notes that Eastman could of course avoid the unpleasantness of a subpoena if he just cooperated with the committee. But then he'd have to act like a law-abiding grown-up, which isn't really the MAGA way.

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Outrageous Things That People Have Tried To Sell Online! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 27, 2021

I'd buy that for a dollar! It's tabs!

Trigger warning for WHAAAAAAT??????

Motion by Claudette Colvin, 82, to expunge her juvenile record of ... refusing to stand up for a white girl on the bus in 1955, for which she is still on probation. (Motion)

Merrick Garland does not seem to be doing his job in investigating those who plotted the January 6 coup (Elie Mystal at The Nation). Meanwhile, threats to elections officials are getting worse. (CNN)

Hey, you know how we couldn't get rid of private insurance with Obamacare because it was too heavily enmeshed throughout the economy? We really shouldn't stand up a paid leave program from scratch if we're going to just make it private insurers, that's dumb stupid and bullshit. (People's Policy Project)

As a pay-for for Build Back Better, Elizabeth Warren's 15 percent minimum tax on corporations with more than $1 billion in profits heart-hug-emoji. (Warren Senate)

More on what happened on the set of Rust, when Alec Baldwin shot and killed the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. There had already been prop gun injuries, and the assistant director who gave Baldwin the gun has been fired before for prop gun injuries on a different movie. Meanwhile, the camera crew had just walked out over unfair labor practices on the set. Baldwin is a producer. There sure does seem to be a lot going on. — LA Times

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