Postal Service Just Removing Sorting Machines Before Election, No Big Deal

Think of how much we could save by not holding elections at all.

The Trump administration's war on voting continues, with all sorts of neat developments! In addition to eliminating overtime for postal workers and other operational changes that have significantly slowed mail delivery, Trump's pet Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, pulled a Friday Night Massacre of 23 top US Postal Service executives over the weekend, as well as letting states know they'll need to pay the 55-cent First Class rate for absentee ballot applications and ballots, instead of the 20-cent bulk rate that had been used up until now. Now you know what "freedom isn't free" means — it means nearly tripling the cost of voting by mail, as record numbers of Americans plan to vote by mail due to the pandemic.

In the latest bit of fuckery to emerge, we learned on NPR's Morning Edition that the USPS has been removing mail-sorting machines in certain places. That fun fact was dropped in an interview with Kimberly Karol, a postal clerk in Waterloo, Iowa, and president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union. She brought co-host Noel King up short while discussing how the changes have affected her workers:

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White House: Did We Say $400 In Emergency Unemployment? About That!

With a bonus if you volunteer to become Soylent Green.

After governors from both parties complained Donald Trump's maybe-legal (or not!) executive order to extend emergency unemployment benefits looked unworkable, the White House issued a "clarification" yesterday: cash-starved states won't have to kick in any funding to get the emergency funds, and also the amount will be $300 a week, not the $400 that Trump had said it would be when he announced the order Saturday. The CARES Act's emergency unemployment had been $600 a week, but those benefits expired at the end of July because Republicans wouldn't even think of discussing a renewal — among themselves, and they never did come to an agreement, among themselves! — until a few days before the expiration date.

This is where we remind you all, again, that Democrats in the House passed a stimulus package in MAY that fully funded an extension of the emergency benefits until January 2021. Republicans refused to act for two months because they wanted to see if the economy came roaring back, and besides, they'd already shoveled money to their biggest donors.

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any hope of a new stimulus bill. Democrats said before talks collapsed last week that they would be willing to accept a trillion dollars of cuts to the $3 trillion package from May, but the White House accused Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi of refusing to negotiate. The Washington Post reports that one of the White House's two lead negotiators, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, "left Washington this week for an unspecified amount of time." Maybe Steven Mnuchin will be available to take a message. As for congressional Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dropped out of the discussions altogether, saying he'd support any package the White House came up with.

Sorry, 30 million Americans getting unemployment, hope you don't need to pay rent or anything!

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2020 presidential election

Sarah Palin Has Some Just Really Good Advice For Kamala Harris, Dontcha Know?

It's a nice story of Sarah Palin, at the Wonkette!

Well here's a nice story for ya from Wasilla where the air is cold and it's moose bonin' season, when the moose bone each other all the live-long day!*

Sarah Palin was sittin' up there in Alaska and she heard, dontcha know, that Joe Biden, AKA Squirrelly Joe, picked Kamala Harris to be his VEEP, AKA his VEEPEE, AKA his Mama Grizzly, just like John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be all those things!

And she thought, well, maybe I should go get a Big Gulp and put a coupla squeezes of squeezable Boone's Farm in it,** ya know? and after that, she just thought, ya know what? Ya know what? Ya know? Ya know.

So she got her ghostwriter on the Zoom (she's been stayin' at home because of the Covid) and said hey ghostwriter, ya know? Ya know? Ya know. We should write somethin' nice to Kamala Harris, because as I always say, to everything there is a season, and right now, I feel like it's the season to be nice and give Kamala some real good advice, Mama Grizzly to Mama Grizzly, about the upcomin' campaign!

(YOU KNOW I STILL WANT 'EM TO LOSE, HONK HONK, said Sarah Palin, honkin' the joke horn she keeps by her Zoomin' couch for these occasions. Bristol gets mad 'cause it wakes up the new twins Scoundrel and Wombat*** but that's not Grandma Grizzly's problem now is it.)

They wrote the nice message on the Instagram, which we'll place here so you know we aren't fake newsin':

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2020 presidential election

Kamala Harris Is Your New Vice President, Now Let's Go Win This Motherf*cker

Called it ages ago.

KAMALA HARRIS! All right, kids, let's do this!

Old Handsome Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be the next vice president of the United States. Which ... Ann Coulter, you were SO CLOSE.

Wow, Republicans are getting better at comedy, and the left is worried.

Anyway, Wonkette would like to be the first to say congratulations to the first woman vice president of the United States, who will also be the first Black vice president, first Black woman vice president, first Indian-American vice president, first Asian-American vice president, and just a whole lot of other firsts.

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