US Officials Shocked That Other Officials Are Slightly Richer

Get rich or die tryin - WonketteIn the US, our elected officials are public servants. They legislate and, uh, judge, and... execute out of a sense of patriotic duty, and respect for the democratic process. Certainly not for the money -- why the average Senator barely makes twice as much as the majority of his constituents!

Things are different in Singapore, though.

On Monday, the Singapore government had announced a fresh 25.5 percent pay hike for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, boosting his salary to 2.05 million dollars per year.

Here in America, you have to be born or become obscenely wealthy before you seek office, dammit! If we started hanging out salaries like that, commoners might decide to start running for shit!

Singapore PM's salary stuns White House official [AFP]


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