U.S. Troops In Iraq Can't Defeat BOB

IN THE DARKNESS OF FUTURE PAST, THE MAGICIAN LONGS TO SEE!  ONE CHANTS OUT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS...  _FIRE,_WALK_WITH_ME_!!! - WonketteEven in the fog of war, U.S. troops can have some fun in Iraq with the wacky situations that present themselves.

Take this one pasta factory in Baghdad ... please! Turns out it was an insurgent camp, so the U.S. troops moved in, and there's a big septic tank inside full of raw sewage, and there's a corpse in there floating right up at the top! Oh, and the head has "separated," which apparently happens all the time in Iraq, and it's got a big bullet hole in the face, due to the executions and all.

So the U.S. troops have comically named the floating-in-shit victim of a death squad "BOB." The end.

A Grisly Problem, Grateful Iraqis and a Grim Outlook [Washington Post]


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