U.S. Will Attack Iran, Austria, China and U.S.

Heil! - WonketteIn a stunning development, the White House has invented a story about discovered that Austrian guns have been used to fire at the American occupiers in Iraq. This is not looking good for Austria.

Of course, Cheney is determined to attack Iran this year -- 2007 is the "year of Iran," according to the Evil Doer's office -- so the Austrian guns must've been exported exclusively to Iran, because Iran really wants to be nuked by Washington and this is a good way to make it happen. (Ha ha, we are going to have World War III and everyone's going to die, all because Dick Cheney continues to live.)

Disturbing new evidence suggests Iraqi insurgents are also using mobile phones from South Korea, radios from China and cigarettes from the United States. Time to blow up those enemies, too!

Iraqi insurgents using Austrian rifles from Iran [Daily Telegraph]


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