USA Finally Wins Something Against Muslims, Let's Eat


Wednesday, June 23: The U.S. actually won the soccer -- and should you be Latino, an elite progressive or a confused patriot, you must be consumed with joy! (Obama now has a guaranteed win in 2012, right?) If you didn't fake a cold or schedule a visit from the plumber this morning and missed this fateful game but still care to see it, Lucky Bar will be replaying it tonight at 6PM. And to help you celebrate the victory 6 hours later they will be offering $3 beers and half price cheeseburgers. [Lucky Bar]

  • Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26: Nutella has replaced peanut-butter as the spread of choice for urban liberals and now Pound Coffee wants you to enjoy it in an iced latte. Yes, they put Nutella in a latte and it is good. Follow them on the twitter (@poundcoffee) and on Friday and Saturday, if you tell them your twitter name (so they can verify you're following them), you can get a large iced-Nutella latte for just $1.50. [Pound Coffee]
  • Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27: Safeway’s National Capital Barbecue Battle -- what was last year a very pork filled Wonkette field trip -- is happening once again this Saturday and Sunday. Will Sham Wow take home the gold in every category this year? Will your Wonkabout once again eat an obscene amount of pork? You'll have to go to find out. [Safeway Barbecue Battle]
  • Monday, June 28: Jewish interns are a rare breed, which is why Sixth and I Synagogue has invited all of them to Good Stuff Eatery next Monday for fries and milkshakes and the opportunity to learn the esoteric art of being Jewish in DC and pursuing your dreams. [Sixth and I Synagogue]
  • Food to look forward to: 14th Street NW continues to outpace the rest of the city with its concentration of shops and restaurants of the exact same variety: Two new Italian food restaurants are slated to open there later this year. Maybe one day, they'll open something practical in the area, like an affordable supermarket .... Delicious seafood restaurant Tacklebox is looking to open a new location in Cleveland Park and the Borders Downtown will soon be a 35,000 square foot CHAIN restaurant, to the horror of just about everyone in DC. [WP, Tacklebox, WP]

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