U.S.A. Increases International Brand Awareness

Sometimes starving Third Worlders are more struggling to survive than grateful, so the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) slaps boldly humanitarian logos on the goods it distributes. That way, beneficiaries know who to be psychologically oppressed by, but there are side effects too. NGOs are "not too happy with putting the USAID logo on their cars," WaPo reports. Apparently, the red, white, and blue designs do double-duty as "bull's-eye[s] that bad guys shoot at."

usaid.jpgThe bull's-eyes are crafted with impressive brand discipline, though. A 94-page guide lays out all the rules for effective logo creation and usage, and in a week where government PR masquerading as news is under fire, it's nice to see some government PR that's not afraid to assert its status as such. To your right, a USAID logo has been seamlessly Photoshopped into an emotional scene of a man painfully devouring his wife's ear. As the USAID branding guide explains, "Identity on the building in the background is an effective way to tell the story with a minimal number of words."

The Red in the Red, White, and Blue [WaPo]

USAID Branding [USAID]


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