USDA Stabbing: At Least It Wasn't a Drive-By

Crisis averted! No more lockdown at the USDA! (And not a moment too soon: We must have our, uhm, meat probed!). Wonkette soybean operative reports:

We have a computer thing that flashes messages to all staff--like if there is a tornado or another Secretary quits. When they lifted the lockdown (which lasted approx. 30 minutes), it said that a contractor on our custodial staff was stabbed and the assailent fled the scene. They have a suspect, but he has not been apprehended. The custodial worker is in stable condition.

Independence Ave. is the Federal Government ghetto. Instead of South Building, it should be called the South Central Building.

Yes, let us pour this corn syrup on the curb in honor of our fallen colleague...

Stabbing Occurs at D.C. Agency Building [AP/WTOP]


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