Use an Expletive, Go to Prison

James "Stop Makin'" Sensenbrenner (R - Wis) wants to criminalize FCC indecency violations. His argument, as best as we can parse it:

When only fines are involved, sometimes people who don't deserve to be punished end up paying money. But if you criminalize indecency, the people who don't deserve to be fined won't have to pay any money, because they'll be going to jail instead.

We wish we were kidding, but we don't think we are. Here are Sensenbrenner's exact words: "Aim the cannon specifically at the people committing the offenses, rather than the blunderbuss approach that gets the good actors. The people who are trying to do the right thing end up being penalized the same way as the people who are doing the wrong thing." Are we just fucking idiots, or is there something in that statement that explains how changing the penalty also changes the crime? And the prosecution of the crime? (Yeah, yeah, we know. We're fucking idiots regardless of what Sensenbrenner said...)

Sensebrenner to cable execs: Indecency is a criminal act [Hollywood Reporter]

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