Useful Things, For Denver!

Useful Things, For Denver!

There is no way we are going to get to all the stuff we wanted to post before leaving for two terrifying weeks of convention madness, so here is a quick listcicle of some stuff we like that might be helpful to you and to us, the American Heroes.

  • Oh check it out CSPAN will let you make embedded clips from the convention video, basically within minutes of it appearing on the teevee. This is going to be hella useful for preserving all those dumb little moments, and then posting them on Wonkette. [RNC version, DNC version]
  • Are you a would-be Hopey who's all Mopey because you're too Dopey to ... uh look if you are wanting to volunteer for Obama in "battleground states" but are a young loser with no moneys, there is a site trying to get you shipped as freight to a battleground state. [Travel For Change]
  • Pretty much everything going on in Denver -- parties, protests, whatever -- is listed here. [Denver Post Politics West]

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