Utah Legislature Passes Non-Binding Resolution STICKIN' IT To Commie Climate Change Fairies


Utah. It's one of those states that we just have to deal with. Its legislature has just passed a resolution that... uh... well it tells the fedril gubmints to LAY OFF THEIR FREEDOMS and put a sock in this Climate Change scam, because look. Look at all the fukkin' snow. Fukkin' everywhere. Mountains, ground, trees. Highways. Understand? GET IT, GORE? AL GORE? Shoulda passed the original draft with "conspiracy" and "gravy train" in it, cuz that's what it is, a conspiracy gravy train, Al Gore in the gravy, gravy in the train, splatterin' all over the fukkin' snow, hot fukkin' snowy gravy fukkin' Gore takin' a bath all the way to the rich man's bank... [Guardian]


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