V-Shaped Things

* Terrorist suspect captured in hilarious Pakistan Marx Brothers routine. [Passport]

* Gaddafi's got a plan to make Africa a mighty "black power" to rival all other powers. Only, he doesn't really want to sit with the black people. [Fresh Intelligence]

* U.S. troops are building walls because, by all accounts, that's the best way to mediate conflict. [Iraq Slogger]

* Rush Limbaugh teaches children the things they need to know. [Think Progress]

* Another asshole Senator decides this Iraq business probably isn't worth losing an election over. [Election Central]

* What a president this fat, lazy, be-cancered actor will make. [Hot Air]

* U.S. terror policies make perfect sense using the kind of impeccable logic that would also suggest we should intern the Japanese again. [IMAO]

* We agree that we need V-shaped things, conservatism is fucked, and Joe Biden is a fuck-up. Who knew we agreed on so much? [Redstate]

* Nobody makes a better case for Global Warming than Yusuf Islam, the guy who was only slightly lamer when he went by Cat Stevens. [LGF]

* Actually, now that we think about it, Live Earth is pretty stupid. [ScrappleFace]

* As, um, enthralling as it might be to watch an entire day in the life of a presidential candidate, who really wants to see Tom Tancredo and his staffers gang-fuck a burrito platter? [PrezVid]


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