VA Lawmaker Adds Male Anal Exam Fairness Rule To New Abortion Law

VA Lawmaker Adds Male Anal Exam Fairness Rule To New Abortion Law

Hero Virginia state Senator Janet Howell responded to another one of these stoopid bills requiring women seeking an abortion to first undergo a medically pointless ultrasound with a very smart amendment: every man seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction would also by law have to undergo a rectal exam and heart test to get a Viagra prescription. This way, everyone can enjoy the experience of having their nether parts unnecessarily prodded by the cold, uncomfortable indifference of lawmakers' whims equally. Fair's fair!

And the amendment ALMOST PASSED the Virginia Senate. It lost by only two votes, 21-19, which is sad.


On Monday Howell expressed her disdain for legislation requiring the ultrasound by proposing an amendment she described as a simple matter of fairness. Her amendment said that before being treated for erectile dysfunction, a man would have to undergo a digital rectal exam and a cardiac stress test.

“We should just have a little gender equity here,” Howell said.


Oh Republicans, they are so silly. Could they ever for two seconds quit trying to give these ladies more health care than they need or want and give it to some of the people who can't get any health care at all? []


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