Va. to Tourists: Check IDs

The WP reports today that the Virginia Department of Health is launching a campaign to curb the apparently silent epidemic of sex with underage partners. (We didn't tell, honest!) Of course, the state's motto also declares that "Virginia is for lovers," so the messages are more than a little mixed. The lead slogan, "Isn't she a little young?," for instance, sounds more like an enticement than a warning -- we imagine R. Kelly is already discreetly instructing his retinue to begin looking for a downstate summer beach house. And the accompanying text -- "Sex with a minor. Don't go there." -- sounds like the tagline for a gay porn flick. But never mind all that: The real trouble with the campaign is that it never specifies how old the sheep are supposed to be.

Va. Tells Men: No Sex With Young Girls [AP/WP]


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