Vague Maybe-Terrorism Is Headed Toward, Or Possibly Away, From You RIGHT NOW


  • The FBI is doing that thing again where it suggests that everyone to get the seriously get the fuck away from any hotels or stadiums, while at the same time claiming that there have been no "specific" threats against specific places like "stadiums" and "hotels." [CNN]
  • South Korea has finally OK'ed the sale of the iPhone, the North Korea of Apple products. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Obama has impressed his new U.N. friends by doing the mature thing and admitting that maybe, yes, fine, the U.S. isn't completely uninvolved in polluting the Earth. And yeah, we're all super committed to not doing this anymore, mmhmm. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Obama's deal with The Pharmaceuticals—in which America would save like $80 billion on drugs in the next decade—is hated by every single person ever, plus Chuck Grassley, on principle. [New York Times]
  • The "Tom DeLay episode" of Dancing With the Stars was the show's least popular season-opener ever, except for its first season, back when no one even knew what it was and Tom DeLay was still a common street thug yet to be touched by the redemptive power of dance. [Washington Post]

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