Vaguely Hot Gal Briefly Spotted In Comical Teabagger 'Rap Video'


[youtube expand=1]

Apologies in advance for those who still enjoy the Hippitty Hop and the Rap, because after watching this excruciating video, you too will finally agree that this genre of pop music probably went on for about 15 years longer than necessary .... the direct line from Vanilla Ice to this clumsy clod is actually visible in many shots.

Anyway, the circle is complete -- circles, direct lines, whatever -- because MC Two-Foot-Wingnut here performs the final desecration on hip hop by praising Ronald Reagan, specifically for being such an awesome president in the 1980s, the way He actually ruined the country, forever. Hell, maybe it was guaranteed, by that point, but America never recovered from Ronald Reagan, and it never will.

The endless encampments of mentally ill homeless people, the War On Negro Drugs, the creation of a permanent half-literate underclass from America's once-happy middle class, the humiliating collapse of our nation's infrastructure, etc., etc. .... eh god we just wanted to make a quick teabagger joke and move on, and now look what happened.

Let's stop this exercise, now, and remember the point of this particular Wonkette post: At about 3:15 in this horrifying white-rap teabagging paultard video, there is a vaguely hot gal literally raising her hands in the air like she just don't care. We're going to assume brain damage here, or some kind of congenital body odor issue severe enough to even keep away the lonesome middle-aged dudes in their Barry Lyndon hats. [YouTube]


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