Valerie Plame Testifies to Congress About How Cool It Would've Been if Her Scandal Had Gone Somewhere

plamecongress.jpgValerie Plame is testifying before congress right now, as the Democrats try to salvage some scandal from Patrick Fitzgerald's now-concluded crusade of justice.

Of course, Fitzgerald won't be talking to congress about anything any time soon, and the oversight committee ain't calling Bush, Cheney, anyone from State, Scooter, or any of the other people involved in the leak. Also Valerie's not allowed to say anything substantial about her old CIA job. Her lawyer says Val's "basically talking about how important national intelligence is and about how leaking is bad."

But hey, if you turn it on now you might be able to watch some lady from that obnoxious group who dress in pink get escorted out of the room for standing up in her "Impeach Bush" shirts. That might be kinda amusing.

Ex-CIA operative Plame testifying on Capitol Hill [AP via CNN]


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