Vampire Killer Ends Milosevic's Political Career

Yes, he looks like Lieberman / Byrd / Palpatine, too. - WonketteHoping to stop a Nixonian political comeback, a Serbian man went to the grave of war criminal Slobodan Milosevic on Saturday night and hammered a wooden stake through the dead strongman's heart.

Miroslav Milosevic (no relation to Slobo) was a dissident during Milosevic's bloody reign and was disgusted by Serb right-wingers' plans to hold a ceremony at the gravesite on March 11, the anniversary of the ethnic-cleanser's death. As president, Slobo destroyed Yugoslavia, started several wars, wrecked Serbia's economy and ordered the genocide of various non-right-wing Orthodox Christian people in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo -- obviously, he's a hero to the Serbian far right.

It's a beloved Balkan tradition to put a stake through the hearts of the evil dead; the ritual ensures the corpse will not again be animated by a demon.

Vampire hunting [Daily Times]

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