Vampire Slaveholders Denounce Macaca

George Allen needs some lessons from Trent Lott. When the Main Stream Liberal Media catches you doing the racialist thing, you're supposed to apologize with a Knowing Glance back at your political base, so they don't think you're a sellout.

Otherwise you get today's unfortunate situation, in which the Sons of Confederate Veterans are furious at Allen for saying the Confederate Flag kind of creeps out the blacks, what with the whole slavery thing.

"The denunciation of the flag to score political points is anathema to our organization," grand whozit Brag Bowling said in response to Allen's cowardly backtracking ... or should we say blacktracking? Also, wouldn't a "son of confederate veterans" need to be about 150 years old today, and technically a vampire? Generally, yes. But the last Confederate vet -- sorry, we mean "last surviving veteran of the Second American Revolution" -- supposedly died in the 1950s, and he could have a 60-year-old white son in Mississippi today! So that's who keeps voting for Trent Lott!

Confederate Group Slams Allen For Denouncing South to Save Face [Fox News]


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