Van Jones Refuses To Resign From New Position At Center for American Progress


  • Deeply offensive human being and eternal Red Menace Van Jones is doing something green-related for domestic terrorist organization CAP. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Did you know there are zero Taco Bell outlets in Havana, even though Cuba is so close to Mexico? Not only that, Cuba is without KFC stores or McDonald's barfburger stands! Why does Castro hate "choice" so much? [Hit & Run]

  • Benjamin Netanyahu will bring everlasting peace to the Middle East by designating every dead Palestinian as a "Zionist heritage site." [The Daily Dish]

  • Close your eyes and imagine a few things that might impact "military effectiveness." Now open your eyes and compare your imaginings to Gen. Casey's. [Weekly Standard]

  • Matt Taibbi has lost his patience but can't afford the necessary treatment because his health insurance won't cover it because Obama is too chickenshit to repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act. [True/Slant: Matt Taibbi]


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