Vanity Fair Reports Rumor We Already Knew

They have a big-ol Mark Foley story in the issue that drops this week -- big revelation is that the White House knew about the Page-fucking, and convinced Foley to drop out of the Senate race before the rest of the world figured it out. Which we heard (and wrote something or other about) back in Cocktober.

Their source is Wexler's CoS, Eric Johnson. Former Foley CoS Kirk Fordham also happily blames Scott Palmer and Dennis Hastert for everything.

Here's a fun story:

Fordham tells Vanity Fair that Foley often held fund-raisers in his Washington, D.C., town-house, and one evening when Fordham showed up early, he found Foley hanging out in the kitchen with two good-looking young guys. One of them, Fordham says, was the head of the College Republicans at his school and clearly gay. "I gave the congressman that You-oughtta-know-better kind of look," Fordham tells Vanity Fair.

Hooray for closeted gay congressmen! Cocktober Forever!

Don't Ask ... Don't E-mail [Vanity Fair]


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