Vanity Fair Sure to End in Tears, Scars

Let's play 'get the guests' - WonketteVanity Fair has come crawling back to DC. After an eight year absence, they're once again throwing a White House Correspondents Association dinner afterparty. And, like in the olden days, it is to be held at Chris Hitchens' alcohol-infused, highly-flammable house.

One of Christopher Hitchens' favorite party moments at his Kalorama house occurred years back, when Barbra Streisand caught on fire and author Christopher Buckley extinguished the flames.

With a guest-list probably limited to 200 VIPs, the VF party is sure to be an invite even more coveted than Bloomberg. And who wouldn't want to party at Hitch's house with Jane Fonda? Sure, she's a bit old to play Honey, but it'll give her a nice chance to exercise those dormant acting chops.

Yeas & Nays [Examiner]


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