There are people who thought this was a big dealThey all need to stop. Every politician needs to stop campaigning or the American public will, at some point over the next eight months, drop out of the presidential race. One paragraph in the New York Times this morning made this objectively true -- the human capacity to "deal" is reaching its breaking point. People can still run for president, but they should keep it to themselves and quit reminding us. It's turning the human race into a glass of club soda, gone flat.

How does the Times' Adam Nagourney get up in the morning, knowing he'll have to write such things?:

Mr. Obama has Arcade Fire, the popular indie-rock group who announced that the leading members would perform for him on Sunday at Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville. The city is not far from Ohio University and many of the younger voters that Mr. Obama seeks. (Aides to Mrs. Clinton, distressed that a band with many fans at the Clinton headquarters would join the line of supporters heading into the Obama camp, pointed out that the band was Canadian; in fact, while its members live there now, they grew up in Texas.)

Who's worse here?

  • "Aides to Mrs. Clinton" for ignoring our advice and continuing to speak words.
  • The New York Times for inserting that pithy anecdote in parentheses in a vain attempt to "texturize" its piece.
  • Barack Obama for not denouncing and/or rejecting the support of a crappy band like the Arcade Fire.
  • Young people, for being the emblematic demographic of a presidential primary season.

We go with number B.

Spending Heavily, Obama Attempts Knockout Blow [New York Times]


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