moose.jpgGoodbye, sweet Granite State! Thanks for picking two giant assholes in your primaries; we'll see you in 2016 when 80-year-old WALNUTS! and Chelsea Clinton run away with the victories. Until then, some anecdotes from the No Hope New Hampshire Primary Tour 2008.

* The Paultards, they know who we are. Shortly after ordering a hit on Liz, they sent this one kid -- the SAME who chased her in the riot the night before shouting "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?" (she said "Gawker" and he was confused) -- over to speak with us in the Radisson Lobby. After mentioning that he might want to go into journalism himself, he said "if you're writing about Dr. Paul, keep it nice? He's a good guy." And good guys allllways get fifth place.

* In the parking lot of last night's Obama party, this one mother and son, the latter probably 15 or 16 years old, were trying to get into the stinky gymnasium. Then the kid says: "I don't know what I'm doing here. I don't even like Obama."

* Hey, remember this post about gay sex? It was pretty un-fun when that IFC tongue guy read and watched it in front of us. I told him it was mostly about Steve McMahon being an asshole, and he said very seriously, "Steve McMahon is not an asshole."

* We met "a Democrat who's voting for Giuliani."

* The bed and breakfast we stayed in had one book under its Christmas Tree: The Fair Tax Book. Ruh roh.

* We found Duncan Hunter yesterday! SO tall.

* We met this guy named Hugh Cort. He explained that he knew Osama bin Laden had acquired 13 snukes from ex-Soviet officials. He wants to send another 100,000 troops into Iraq to... fix this.

* Matt Lauer: prick.


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