Various Kinds of Holes

* "In a better-lit area of the warehouse, a construction project was underway: Two workers were building a maze of eight-foot-high cubicles for the 'glory-hole' portion of the premises. [City Desk]

* "Screech is an asshole." [Green Canary]

* "Some of my passengers were bitching and moaning when they found out about the new fare and I can feel your pain but you have to understand that besides the rising fuel costs, my insurance, vehicle repair, dispatch fee, license & registration, the bribes at the inspection station and my hooker bills are going up also." [Diary of a Mad Cabbie]

* "As punishment for having hormone-charged sebaceous glands and a superior intellect, My Bully would push me to the ground and call me a FAG, which, for some ironic reason, stood for 'Female Ass Grabber.'" [Ar-jew-tino]

* "I mean, I don't stick things up my ass." [Eavesdrop DC]


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