Vatican Declares Death Is the Only Escape For Kennedys

160px-Joe_Kennedy.jpgJoseph P. Kennedy II, son of RFK, divorced Sheila Rauch Kennedy in 1991. Then, like a good Catholic, he had the 12-year marriage annulled in 1996.

Now, years later, Sheila has had it un-annulled.

Rauch Kennedy had taken her appeal of the Boston Archdiocese's 1996 annulment of their marriage to the Vatican and in May was informed of the decision, she said in a telephone interview.

As all Kennedy men learn eventually, the only way out of marriage is an early death.

Joe Kennedy has not returned calls for comment, but this does provide him an easy out from his second marriage. A bit late for the dude to die tragically young at this point.

Ex-Kennedy wife says Vatican overturns annulment [Reuters]


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