* Certainly the ethics bill just passed by Congress will be signed into law by the president, finally putting all this political corruption behind us once and for all. [NYT]

* Hillary is worldly enough to have written as many as four lines of what she's said on the campaign trail. This makes her a foreign policy expert. [WP]

* If you thought there was an FBI agent in the room when you were planning your march, you were right. [NYT]

* All this not ending the war and bullshitting around really takes its toll and vacation is important. [Roll Call]

* Mitt Romeny, fellator of dead men. [BG]

* It's Daily Show Month for presidential contenders but the fact is at this point most of them are probably just in it for the gift basket. [CT]

* Looks like the GOP learned a thing or two from the Democrats about losing elections. [Politico]


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