VD Posts Are a Nice Way To Break the Ice

VD Posts Are a Nice Way To Break the Ice

Well, hopefully YOU have a date for Valentine's Day, you little minx you. Your Intern the Third will be sequestered, in mourning, at one of the these fine drinking establishments.

  • Thursday, Feb. 12: Stock up on hobo beans, or whore diamonds or whatever you people use for currency these days, to trade for in-kind entrance to this single malt Scotch tasting at the Willard Hotel. $20 in advance, starts at 6PM. [WaPo]
  • Thursday, Feb. 12: Gratuitous misspelling of 'costume' aside, this actually looks kinda like something fun -- it's the Kostume Kareoke Happy Hour at Solly's, with a smattering of free food and $3 rail drinks. FREE, starting at 6PM. [Solly's Tavern]
  • Friday, Feb. 13: It's not hard to meet people in DC, at all, so this Four Minute Dating (!) Valentine's Eve Singles Party won't get ANY BUSINESS. But oh, heyo, organizers say more men are "needed." $30 in advance at Ultrabar, starts at 7PM. [Things To Do DC]
  • Saturday, Feb. 14: Nothing soothes a searing heart like peppermints and Scandinavian dance pop Why not, it's not like the Scotch helped all that much either. And it's also free! Second floor of Rock and Roll Hotel, starts at 9:30 PM. [Rock and Roll Hotel]
  • Sunday, Feb. 15: Where will you find yourself on Sunday morning? If you're lucky, within reach of a bottomless Bloody Mary at Creme. This is always available on Sundays, but those of you still holidng "jobs" are probably furloughed on President's Day anyways, so here's your chance to really make a big deal out of it. Starts at 10AM; the earlier you go the better. [Creme]
  • Sunday, Feb. 15: Preserve what remains of your dignity and your liver, and go to the Freer Sackler Gallery to watch a sad sad movie with no alcohol at all. Over There is about the "inner-workings of marriage" (?!) and green card renewal. Can't wait to see how Lou Dobbs factors in! Meyers Auditorium at 2PM, also free, yay (but get there an hour early). [Freer Sackler Gallery]

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