Veep Flakes: Everything Derbyshire Touches Turns to Gay

The National Review's opera-loving and sodomy-obsessed John Derbyshire shares his perspective on Kerry's vice presidential choice:

Isn't there a trend here? For each of the following ten pairs, identify the prettier one.

Kerry, Edwards

G.W. Bush, Cheney

Gore, Lieberman

Clinton, Gore

Dole, Kemp

G.H.W. Bush, Quayle

Dukakis, Bentsen

Reagan, G.H.W. Bush

Mondale, Ferraro

Carter, Mondale

Coding P, V, or T as the prettier (Prez, Veep, or Tie), I make it V-T-P-V-V-V-P-P-V-V. Seems to me there is a definite bias towards looks in the selection of veeps.

Crazy, no? G.W. Bush and Cheney a tie?! Maybe Derbyshire knows something about Dick that we don't.



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