Veep Flakes: Start the Bidding at $100

Today's Note gets very, very excited over Kerry "ace planner" Stephanie Cutter's handling of the veep rollout ("I feel like there's cum on my monitor," wrote one Wonkette correspondent) -- which is fine, if you consider giving your own staff misleading information "ace planning." A key component of what might be called the "Tell the NY Post Anything You Want" strategy was the printing up of several versions of Kerry-[insert possible name here] signs and whatnot. At least this was one of those colorful details the nets couldn't shut up about yesterday; today's Tribute elaborates, saying that "Kerry ordered red, white and blue placards, T-shirts and other campaign trinkets for five candidates, including Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Vilsack. "

But Wonkette sources just snickered when asked for one of the souvenirs of what-might-have-been, leading us to wonder if those Kerry-Vilsack shirts exist mostly in Vilsack's dreams. We'll believe it when we see them on eBay.

The Note [ABC News]

Kerry selects Edwards [Chicago Tribune]

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