Veep Recap: A Field Trip To Merry Olde England


Amy's got Machiavellian skillz to pay the proverbial billz, Selina wears a silly hat, and Dan's heart literally (figuratively) explodes in his chest on this week's episode of Veep. The whole episode takes place in Jollye Olde Englande, and if you were hoping to hear Jonah's version of a Cockney accent, you are in so much luck! Veep recap, ahoy!

So Selina's over in Foggy London Towne and she gets her knickers into a twisted spot of bother over a couple things we'll cover in a minute. But first, we see bug-eyed Dan Egan in a hotel room, with a Bluetooth piece in his ear and an oversized Red Bull in his hands. Dan is WIRED right now, y'know what we mean? Like, REALLY FEELIN' IT.



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