Veep Recap: Once a Body Man, Always a Body Man


Hail, Wonketariat! Veep, season 3, episode 2, IT’S RECAPPENING!

This episode begins with a little bit of character development for the two Selina staffers who are in stable(ish) relationships. Gary is having a fighting-but-not-fighting fight with his lady when he gets a call from Mike, who immediately brags about his awesome bachelor-fantasy-cum-honeymoon. Mike tells Gary that the outgoing POTUS’s bag man is quitting. This means that Gary could advance further up the body man ladder, but instead, he feels a touch of the ol' existential dread—“I don’t want to be a guy in his 40s carrying a bag!”—and makes him think he can become an “advisor” to Selina.

Ah, the treasured “advisor” role. This is one of the more coveted positions in politics, for many of the same reasons that a banking license is coveted in the private sector: the upside risk is largely privatized, while the downside risk is largely socialized. If you’re an advisor to a winning campaign, you are a genius, a latter-day Machiavelli whose giant brain bent the will of a great nation to your whims. But if you’re an advisor to a losing campaign, you’re still doing pretty great—there are all sorts of other people to blame for the loss, and you can still probably end up in a cushy gig on the TV, lecture, or book circuit. Heck, the "advisor" who managed to help a Democrat lose in Massachusetts is once again being called a "leading Dem pollster," so cram it with walnuts, F. Scott Fitzgerald, because for political advisors, there are too second acts in American life.



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