It's Selina's big special day! Watch as our heroine goes full Bridezilla! And hey look, it's Jonah, now with improved character arc! All that and more in this week's big shiny recap of "Veep," oh boy!

The episode opens with Jonah peepin' and he creepin' and he creepin'. Jonah rolls up in his fly Nissan Cube and harasses a woman who is putting up flyers in southeast D.C. The flyers announce a march on the White House in support of universal child care, and the woman is named Alicia Bryce. She will feature prominently in this episode, on account of the episode is named "Alicia" and that is also her name, too. Jonah identifies himself as a reporter, and he exits his "giant clown car" to ask Alicia about her campaign.

Just as Jonah gets Alicia to start talking, Amy approaches. She's already spoken with Alicia, and Alicia jumps at the opportunity to get away from creep-show Jonah. Whitest Man in the World Jonah walks away, waving to a group of black men and saying the word "corner" like "coh-nah," which prompts the men on the coh-nah to ask if they'd heard him correctly, prompting Jonah to do that white guy thing where they (we) sort of half-run across an intersection.



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