VeepFiles: More about Johnny's Pretty Face

Our neighbors to the North are chiding us again for taking something as important as the leadership of the free world and boiling it down to the important questions, such as who has better hair. Writing in Toronto, Rondi Adamson asks us to suspend reality for a moment:

Try to imagine the reaction if House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi were constantly referred to as "pretty." The California congresswoman herself would probably be upset - though perhaps not as upset as she would be if she were referred to as "not so pretty." Either way, feminists, politicians, and pundits - and the frightening overlap of the three - would chime the chorus of "sexism."

Now, if I were the House Minoriy Leader and people stopped calling me pretty, I'd think it was time for another round of botox.

It's an election, not a beauty pageant (CSM)

Botox, Anyone? (Swamp City)


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